Daisy Mae's Delights - Gourmet Dog Treats and Gifts
IMG Canning Label OneExtra Small
Waist 8" to 16"
Neck 6" to 10"
Daisy checking out her reflection in the glass door.
Waist 12" to 20"
Neck 11" to 15"
Angel waiting for her cookie.
Waist 16" to 24"
Neck 16" to 20"
Shadow wishing mom would hurry up with the photos and give her a treat.
Waist 20" to 28"
Neck 21" to 25"
Bear watching the birds in the tree.
Extra Large
Waist 24" to 32"
Neck 26" to 30"
** Since each Bandana or Little Girl Pant is sewn individually and specifically for you, please follow the instructions below on how to properly measure your pup to ensure the best fit possible.  If you are buying for someone else's pet, you may use the above generalized sizes.  However, Daisy Mae's Delights strongly encourages proper measurment for the Little Girl Pants or we cannot guarantee your complete satisfaction.  If using the precise measurements, Daisy Mae's Delights will guarantee your satisfaction or simply return the product for a full refund - minus shipping charges.
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Waist Sizes
Daisy Demonstrates Measuring
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Neck Sizes
Bear Demonstrates Measuring