Daisy Mae's Delights - Gourmet Dog Treats and Gifts
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Thanks for stopping by Daisy Mae's Delights website. Take a look around at all of our handmade gourmet treats and gifts. Choosing the right type of dog treat or cookie can be confusing and stressful when considering ingredients and nutritional value. You need not worry at Daisy Mae's Delights.
     Daisy Mae's Delights offers only the finest in organic dog treats and handmade gifts for your favorite four, or two, legged friends. We pledge to provide the freshest ingrediants possible so that you may be tempted to sample the treats yourself. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in our treats. Our mission is to create a delightful experience by providing high quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Shopping at Daisy Mae's Delights will be an experience that you will look forward to repeating!